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Our staff is determined to pursue the highest standard of integrity and to use diligence and professionalism in serving our customers. Home buyers have the choice among a huge variety of floor plans and home styles. These homes, ranging from starter homes to high-end quality homes with hundreds of options to chose from, will satisfy most home owners’ desire. In addition, our experienced team is also able to custom design those floor plans for your specific personal needs and this special individual touch. Please contact us for finding the right home for you at a very competitive price.


icon2Through established partnerships with numerous national lending institutions, we offer various financing choices depending upon your specific project needs and qualifications. Whether you require a loan for a new or used home in a park, a construction-only loan, or a complete home, construction and permanent take-out loan package, there are many options available for financing your home-ownership dream:

Home and Construction on Private Property

If you are starting out with the first home on a lot or parcel that you own, fill out the application below and fax it to us. We will direct your application to a preferred lender. Download the “Home and Construction on Private Property Application” below. Download the “Home and Construction on Private Property Application” If you want to get you first ideas about the expected overall costs of your project, you can also download our “Cost Estimate” sheet below. For determining exact numbers we recommend that one of our construction experts performs a complete site evaluation where not only different floor plans and options will be discussed but also specific structural and zoning requirements for your property will be taken into consideration. Download the “Cost Estimate” sheet

New Home in a Mobile Home Park or Community

If you are purchasing or installing a new home in a land-lease community (i.e. the space the home will be placed is leased), we will assist you in obtaining a special Home-Only loan.

Second Dwelling

Sometimes referred to as “Granny Flats” these homes serve as an additional dwelling where a home already exists. Second dwellings are usually either paid in cash or through a Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) loan to utilize the equity in the existing home. Contact a sales professional to discuss your specific financing needs.

Turnkey Project Management


From assisting with securing financing and obtaining permits, all the way to handing you the keys to your new home, Village Concepts LLC. will take care of each and every detail of your construction project. Our project management and construction professionals pay close attention to every detail so you don’t have to worry about getting your new home project completed.

Site Review

So you’ve found that ‘perfect’ lot for your new home, or you’ve decided to add a second dwelling to your existing property. Now where from here? At Village Concepts LLC. our construction professionals will visit your site to assess the feasibility and logistics of placing a manufactured or modular home on your property. We will also deliver to you a line-item bid package for every detail of your new home project.

Pre-project Permits

We will handle all of the paperwork and take the headache out of drawing, completing forms, submitting fees, and applying for your building permits. Our Permit Processing Professionals will take care of all of the details and deal with each government agency throughout your application process.

Quality Construction

Over the years we have grouped an expert team of construction labor and contractors around us who have long time experience in the specifics of manufactured home construction.  We not only install your home with all accessories like decks, stairs or garages but also take care of your land development and utilities.

So, you can relax.  Your entire project will be handled by experts out of one hand.

Discover the many advantages of a Manufactured Home

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What our customers have to say

"Our building inspector said that our building site was the most orderly and neatest he has ever seen."
J. B.
Somerset, Ca

"We expected good work from you since you helped us so much in getting ready for this project. The reality is, that you exceeded everything we hoped for. The house is just beautiful, and the performance of the entire project is like a well conducted orchestra."
B. L.
Granite Bay, Ca

"So far I always felt that I needed to protect myself when working with contractors. Working with your company, and I mean every single person involved in this project, is just so different. This time I feel that the contractor protects me!"
D. H.
Shingle Springs