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Contractor, Developer and Park Owner Programs Available

Homes available for construction and development professionals as well as park owners at discounted volume pricing.
Village Concepts, LLC. offers modular and manufactured homes to contractors, developers and independent park owners at near factory invoice cost.

We also offer consultative services to assist contractors, developers and park owners for planning , home design, ordering, shipping and installation. Please call us directly at


so that we can discuss your specifics and how we can assist you in achieving a most economical housing project.


What our customers have to say

"Our building inspector said that our building site was the most orderly and neatest he has ever seen."
J. B.
Somerset, Ca

"We expected good work from you since you helped us so much in getting ready for this project. The reality is, that you exceeded everything we hoped for. The house is just beautiful, and the performance of the entire project is like a well conducted orchestra."
B. L.
Granite Bay, Ca

"So far I always felt that I needed to protect myself when working with contractors. Working with your company, and I mean every single person involved in this project, is just so different. This time I feel that the contractor protects me!"
D. H.
Shingle Springs